Tract No. 88

The Greek Devotions of Bishop Andrews,
Translated and Arranged

I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem;
which shall never hold their peace day or night.


THE only deviation in the following Translation from the order of the original
text, as we have it, has been in the case of such portions of it as are obviously
without or out of place. These have been inserted into the main course of the
Prayers, or collected together, or, if repetitions, omitted. No alterations have
been made in the text itself, and all transpositions are noted as they occur.


1.  Preparation.   Times of Prayer      3.
Places of Prayer      4.
Circumstances of Prayer       5.
2. Order of early or Matin PrayerLitanyConfession— 

3. Order of Evening PrayerMeditationConfession

4. Course of Prayer for the Week (for each Day, under
  the five acts of Confession, Prayer for Grace, Profession
  Intercession, and Praise, with an Introduction):—
First Day    17.
Second Day    31.
Third Day    38.
Fourth Day    46.
Fifth Day    56.
Sixth Day    62.
Seventh Day    70.
5. Additional exercises:—
    A Deprecation    77.
    A Litany of Deprecation    78.
    Forms of Intercession—  First     83.
 Second     84.
 Third     85.
 Fourth     86.
    Meditations on Christian Duty    87.
                       On the Day of Judgment    88.
                       On Human Frailness    90.
    A Preparation for Holy Communion    92.

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