Tracts for the Times
John Henry Newman

Most of the Tracts were published anonymously. Those included here
have been identified as Newman's. E.g., see John Henry Newman:
A Bibliographical Catalogue of His Writings
, Vincent Ferrer Blehl, S.J.,
University Press of Virginia, 1978.—NR.



Volume I (1833-34)
1 Thoughts on the Ministerial Commission,
respectfully addressed to the Clergy
2 The Catholic Church
3 Thoughts respectfully addressed to the
Clergy on Alterations in the Liturgy
6 The Present Obligation of Primitive Practice
7 The Episcopal Church Apostolical
8 The Gospel a Law of Liberty
10   Heads of a Week-day Lecture, delivered
to a Country Congregation in ——shire
11   The Visible Church. Letters I. and II.
15   On the Apostolical Succession of the
English Church
19   On arguing concerning the Apostolical
20   The Visible Church. Letter III.
21   Mortification of the Flesh a Scripture Duty
31   The Reformed Church
33   Primitive Episcopacy
34   Rites and Customs of the Church
38   Via Media—No. I.
    in Via Media, vol. 2 *
41   Via Media —No. II.
    in Via Media, vol. 2 *
45   The Grounds of our Faith

Volume II (1834-35)
47   The Visible Church. Letter IV.

Volume III (1836)
71   On the Controversy with the Romanists
    in Via Media, vol. 2 *
73   On the Introduction of Rationalistic Principles
into Religion

    in Essays, vol. 1 *
74   Catena Patrum. No. I. Testimony of writers
in the later English Church to the Doctrine of
the Apostolical Succession
75   On the Roman Breviary as embodying the
Substance of the Devotional Services of the
Church Catholic
76   Catena Patrum. No. II. Testimony of writers
in the later English Church to the Doctrine of
Baptismal Regeneration

Volume IV (1836-37)
79   On Purgatory
82   Letter to a Magazine on the Subject of
Dr. Pusey's Tract on Baptism

    in Via Media, vol. 2 *

Volume V (1838-40)
83   Advent Sermons on Antichrist
    in Discussions & Arguments *
85   Lectures on the Scripture Proof of the
Doctrines of the Church

    in Discussions & Arguments *
88   The Greek Devotions of Bishop Andrewes

Volume VI
90   Remarks on certain Passages in the
Thirty-nine Articles

    in Via Media, vol. 2 *

  * From Uniform Edition, with Newman's comments and

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