87. St. Gregory Nazianzen

PEACE-LOVING man, of humble heart and true
               What dost thou here?
Fierce is the city's crowd; the lordly few
               Are dull of ear!
Sore pain it was to thee,—till thou didst quit
Thy patriarch-throne at length, as though for
      power unfit.

So works the All-wise! our services dividing
               Not as we ask:
For the world's profit, by our gifts deciding
               Our duty-task.
See in king's courts loth Jeremias plead;
And slow-tongued Moses rule by eloquence of
      deed! {152}

Yes! thou, bright Angel of the East! didst rear
               The Cross divine,
Borne high upon thy liquid accents, where
               Men mock'd the Sign;
Till that cold city heard thy battle-cry,
And hearts were stirr'd, and deem'd a Pentecost
       was nigh.

Thou couldst a people raise, but couldst not
               So, gentle one,
Heaven set thee free,—for, ere thy years were full,
               Thy work was done;
According thee the lot thou lovedst best,
To muse upon the past,—to serve, yet be at rest.

12, 1833.

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