"Ancient Saints"

Prefatory notice

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II.  St. Chrysostom     ix.
  1. Introductory  217.
  2. The Separation  232.
  3. The Journey  246.
  4. The Exile  264.
  5. The Death  284.


Trials of Theodoret

  1. His Birth and Education [file 1]  307.
  2. His Monastic Life  312.
  3. His Diocesan Labours  318.
  4. His Extra-diocesan Labours  323.
  5. From Cyrrhus to Antioch  327.
  6. From Antioch to Cyrrhus [file 2]    333.
  7. His Ecclesiastical Relations  338.
  8. At Ephesus  347.
  9. His Great Opponent  353.
10. His Last Years  359.

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Prefatory Notice

{213} THE two attempts, which follow, to bring before the mind St. John Chrysostom and the Blessed Theodoret in their personal, and especially their ethical aspect, are portions of a projected volume, which was to have included like sketches of St. Ambrose, St. Jerome, perhaps St. Athanasius, as history presents them to us. This volume, which was to have been entitled "Ancient Saints," I have at length reluctantly given up the hope of completing.

The notice of St. John Chrysostom is reprinted from the pages of the Rambler of 1859-60.

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