Note 7. Omissions in the Text of the Third Edition
(Vide Advertisement.)

{474} Here follow the two sentences, which, as was stated in the Advertisement to this Edition, have forfeited their place in the text:—

1. Supra. p. 11 (p. 12, 1st Ed.), after "external observers," the text proceeded. "Presenting then the characters of a religion, sufficiently correct in the main articles of faith to satisfy the reason, and yet indulgent to the carnal nature of man, Judaism occupied that place in the Christian world, which has since been filled by a corruption of Christianity itself. While its adherents manifested a rancorous malevolence," &c.

2. Supra, p. 393 (p. 421, 1st Ed.), after "his place could nowhere be found," the text proceeded. "Even the Papal Apostasy, which seems at first sight an exception to this rule, has lasted but the same proportion of the whole duration of Christianity, which Arianism occupied in its day; that is, if we date it, as in fairness we ought, from the fatal Council of Trent. And, as to the present perils," &c.

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