Popes on Newman

John Paul II
    Letter on bicentenary of Newman's birth (22 January 2001)

    Letter on Centenary of Newman's death (18 June 1990)

    Message on death Centenary (27 April 1990)

    Letter on Centenary of Cardinalate (7 April 1979)

Paul VI
    Address to Newman scholars (7 April 1975)
    Message to Newman Congress (17 May 1970)    
    Allocution on beatification of Fr. Barberi (27 October 1963)

Pius XII
    Letter on Centenary of Conversion (12 April 1945)

Pius XI
    Quotation from encyclical on St. Augustine (20 Apr 1930)

Pius X
    Letter to Bishop of Limerick (10 March 1908)

    Official notice of Cardinalate (15 March 1879)

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