Order of Evening Prayer 

{12} [Note

The day is gone,
and I give Thee thanks, O LORD.
Evening is at hand,
furnish it with brightness.
As day has its evening
so also has life;
the even of life is age,
age has overtaken me,
furnish it with brightness.
Cast me not away in the time of age;
forsake me not when my strength faileth me.
Even to my old age be Thou HE,
and even to hoar hairs carry me;
do Thou make, do Thou bear,
do Thou carry and deliver me.
Abide with me, LORD,
for it is toward evening,
and the day is far spent
of this fretful life.
Let Thy strength be made perfect
in my weakness.

Day is fled and gone,
life too is going,
this lifeless life.
Night cometh,
and cometh death,
the deathless death.
Near as is the end of day,
so too the end of life.
We then, also remembering it,
beseech of Thee
for the close of our life, {13}
that Thou wouldest direct it in peace,
Christian, acceptable,
sinless, shameless,
and, if it please Thee, painless,
gathering us together
under the feet of Thine Elect,
when Thou wilt, and as Thou wilt
only without shame and sins.
Remember we the days of darkness,
for they shall be many,
lest we be cast into outer darkness.
Remember we to outstrip the night
doing some good thing.
Near is judgment;—
a good and acceptable answer
at the dreadful and fearful judgment-seat
vouchsafe to us, O LORD.
By night I lift up my hands in the sanctuary,
and praise the LORD.
The LORD hath granted His loving-kindness
in the day time;
and in the night season did I sing of Him,
and made my prayer unto the GOD of my life.
As long as I live will I magnify Thee on this manner,
and lift up my hands in Thy Name.
Let my prayer be set forth in Thy sight
as the incense,
and let the lifting up of my hands
be an evening sacrifice.
Blessed art Thou, O LORD, our GOD,
the GOD of our fathers,
who hast created the changes of days and nights,
who givest songs in the night,
who hast delivered us from the evil of this day, {14}

who hast not cut off like a weaver my life,
nor from day even to night made an end of me.


as we add day to day,
so sin to sin.
The just falleth seven times a day;
and I, an exceeding sinner,
seventy times seven,
a wonderful, a horrible thing, O LORD.
But I turn with groans
from my evil ways,
and I return into my heart,
and with all my heart I turn to Thee,
O GOD of penitents and Saviour of sinners;
and evening by evening I will return
in the innermost marrow of my soul;
and my soul out of the deep
crieth unto Thee.
I have sinned, O LORD, against Thee,
heavily against Thee;
alas, alas, woe is me! for my misery.
I repent, O me! I repent, spare me, O LORD,
I repent, O me, I repent,
help Thou my impenitence.
Be appeased, spare me, O LORD;
be appeased, have mercy on me:
I said, LORD, have mercy upon me,
heal my soul, for I have sinned against Thee.
Have mercy upon me, O LORD, after Thy great goodness,
according to the multitude of Thy mercies
do away mine offences.
Remit the guilt,
heal the wound,
blot out the stains,
clear away the shame,
rescue from the tyranny,
and make me not a public example. {15}
O bring Thou me out of my trouble,
cleanse Thou me from secret faults,
keep back Thy servant also from presumptuous sins.
My wanderings of mind
and idle talking
lay not to my charge.
Remove the dark and muddy flood
of foul and wicked thoughts.
I have destroyed myself;
whatever I have done amiss, pardon mercifully.
Deal not with us after our sins,
neither reward us after our iniquities.
Look mercifully upon our infirmities;
and for the glory of Thy All-holy Name,
turn from us all those ills and miseries,
which by our sins, and by us through them,
are most righteously and worthily deserved.


To my weariness, O LORD,
vouchsafe Thou rest,
to my exhaustion
renew Thou strength.
Lighten mine eyes that I sleep not in death.
Deliver me from the terror by night,
the pestilence that walketh in darkness.
Supply me with healthy sleep,
and to pass through this life without fear.
O keeper of Israel,
who neither slumberest nor sleepest,
guard me this night from all evil,
guard my soul, O LORD.
Visit me with the visitation of Thine own,
reveal to me wisdom in the visions of the night.
If not, for I am not worthy, not worthy,
at least, O loving LORD,
let sleep be to me a breathing time
as from toil, so from sin. {16}
Yea, O LORD,
nor let me in my dreams imagine
what may anger Thee,
what may defile me.
Let not my loins be filled with illusions,
yea, let my reins chasten me in the night season,
yet without grievous terror.
Preserve me from the black sleep of sin;
all earthly and evil thoughts
put to sleep within me.
Grant to me light sleep,
rid of all imaginations
fleshly and satanical.
LORD, Thou knowest
how sleepless are mine unseen foes,
and how feeble my wretched flesh,
who madest me;
shelter me with the wing of Thy pity;
awaken me at the fitting time,
the time of prayer;
and give me to seek Thee early,
for Thy glory, and for Thy service.
Into Thy hands, O LORD, I commend myself,
my spirit, soul, and body:
Thou didst make, and didst redeem them;
and together with me, all my friends
and all that belongs to me.
Thou hast vouchsafed them to me, LORD,
in Thy goodness.
Guard my lying down and my rising up,
from henceforth and for ever.
Let me remember Thee on my bed,
and search out my spirit;
let me wake up and be present with Thee;
let me lay me down in peace, and take my rest:
for it is Thou, LORD, only
that makest me dwell in safety.

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