Course of Prayers for the Week

The First Day


Through the tender mercies of our GOD
the day-spring from on high hath visited us.
Glory be to Thee, O LORD glory to Thee.
Creator of the light,
and Enlightener of the world,—
of the visible light,
the Sun's ray, a flame of fire,
day and night,
evening and morning,—
of the light invisible,
the revelation of GOD,
writings of the Law,
oracles of Prophets,
music of Psalms,
instruction of Proverbs,
experience of Histories,—
light which never sets.
GOD is the LORD who hath showed us light;
bind the sacrifice with cords,
yea even unto the horns of the altar.

O by Thy resurrection raise us up
unto newness of life,
supplying to us frames of repentance.
The GOD of peace,
who did bring again from the dead
the great Shepherd of the sheep,
through the blood of the everlasting covenant,
perfect us in every good work,
to do His will,
working in us what is acceptable before Him,
to whom be glory for ever.

Thou who didst send down on Thy disciples
on this day
Thy Thrice-Holy SPIRIT,
withdraw not Thou the gift, O LORD, from us,
but renew it in us, day by day,
who ask Thee for it.

(1) Confession.

Merciful and pitiful LORD,
Long-suffering and full of pity,
I have sinned, LORD, I have sinned against Thee;
O me, wretched that I am,
I have sinned, Lord, against Thee,
much and grievously,
in attending on vanities and lies.
I conceal nothing:
I make no excuses.
I give Thee glory, O LORD, this day,
I denounce against myself my sins;
Truly I have sinned before the LORD,
and thus and thus have I done.
I have sinned and perverted
that which was right,
and it profited me not.
And what shall I now say?
or with what shall I open my mouth?
What shall I answer, seeing I have done it?
Without plea, without defence, self-condemned, am I.
I have destroyed myself.
Unto Thee, O LORD, belongeth righteousness,
but unto me confusion of face,
because Thou art just in all that is come upon me;
{19} for Thou hast done right,
but I have done wickedly.
And now, LORD, what is my hope?
Truly my hope is even in Thee,
if hope of salvation remain to me,
if Thy loving-kindness cover
the multitude of my iniquities.
O remember, what my substance is,
the work of Thine hands,
the likeness of Thy countenance,
the cost of Thy blood,
a name from Thy Name,
a sheep of Thy pasture,
a son of the covenant,
Despise not Thou the work of Thine own hands.
Hast Thou made for nought
Thine own image and likeness?
for nought, if Thou destroy it.
And what profit is there in my blood?
Mine enemies will rejoice;
May they never rejoice, O LORD!
Grant not to them my destruction.
Look upon the face of Thine Anointed,
and in the Blood of Thy covenant,
the propitiation for the sins of the whole world,
LORD, be propitious unto me, a sinner;
even unto me, O LORD, of sinners
chief, chiefest and greatest,
For Thy Name's sake be merciful unto my sin,
for it is great: it exceeds.
For Thy Name's sake, that Name,
beside which, none other under heaven
is given among men,
whereby we must be saved,
the SPIRIT Himself helping our infirmities,
and making intercession for us,
with plaints unutterable, {20}
for the tender yearnings of the FATHER,
the bloody wounds of the SON,
the unutterable plaints of the SPIRIT,
give ear, O LORD, have mercy, O LORD,
O LORD, hearken and do;
defer not, for Thine own sake,
O my GOD.
For me, I forget not my sins,
they are ever before me;
I remember them in the bitterness of my soul;
I am anxious about them;
I turn away and groan,
I have indignation and revenge
and wrath against myself.
I despise and bruise my own self,
that my penitence, LORD, O LORD,
is not deeper, is not fuller;
help Thou mine impenitence.
And more, and still more,
pierce Thou, rend, crush my heart;
and remit, forgive, pardon
what things are grief to me,
and offence of heart.
Cleanse Thou me from secret faults,
and keep Thy servant also from presumptuous sins.
Magnify Thy mercies towards the wretched sinner;
and in season, LORD, say to me,
Be of good cheer; thy sins are forgiven thee;
My grace is sufficient for thee.
Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.
Why art thou so heavy, O my soul?
and why art thou so disquieted within thee?
Return unto thy rest, O my soul,
for the LORD hath rewarded thee.
O LORD, rebuke me not in Thine indignation,
neither chasten me in Thy displeasure. {21}
I said, I will confess my sins unto the LORD,
and so Thou forgavest the wickedness of my sin.
LORD, Thou knowest all my desire,
and my groaning is not hid from Thee.
Have mercy upon me, O GOD,
after Thy great goodness,
according to the multitude of Thy mercies
do away mine offences.
Thou shalt arise, and have mercy on me, O LORD,
for it is time that Thou have mercy upon me,
yea, the time is come.
If Thou, O LORD, shouldest mark iniquities,
O LORD, who shall stand?
Enter not into judgment with Thy servant, O LORD,
for in Thy sight shall no man living be justified.

(2) Prayer for grace.

My hands will I lift up
unto Thy commandments which I have loved.
Open Thou mine eyes that I may see,
incline my heart that I may desire,
order my steps that I may follow,
the way of Thy commandments.
O LORD GOD, be Thou to me a GOD,
and beside Thee none else,
none else, nought else with Thee.
Vouchsafe to me, to worship Thee and serve Thee
in truth of spirit,
in reverence of body,
in blessing of lips
in private and in public;
to pay honour to them that have the rule over me,
by obedience and submission
to show affection to my own,
by carefulness and providence;
to overcome evil with good;
to possess my vessel in sanctification and honour;
to have my converse without covetousness,
content with what I have; {22}
to speak the truth in love;
to be desirous not to lust,
not to lust passionately,
not to go after lusts.

(The Hedge of the Law.
i.e. precautions.)
1. To bruise the serpent's head. Gen. iii. 15.
2. To remember my latter end. Deut. xxvii. 29.
3. To cut off opportunities. 2 Cor. xi. 12.
4. To be sober. 1 Pet. v. 8.
5. Not to sit idle. Matt. xx. 6.
6. To shun the wicked. Ps. xxvi. 5.
7. To cleave to the good. Rom. xii. 9.
8. To make a covenant with the eyes. Job xxxi. 1.
9. To bring my body into subjection. 1 Cor. ix. 27.
10. To give myself unto prayer. 1 Cor. vii. 5.
11.To betake myself to penitence. 2 Pet. iii. 9.

Hedge up my way with thorns,
that I find not the path
for following vanity.
Hold Thou me in with bit and bridle,
lest I fall from Thee.
O LORD compel me to come in to Thee.

(3) Profession.

I believe, O LORD,
in Thee, Father, Word, Spirit, One GOD;
that by Thy fatherly love and power
all things were created;—
that by Thy goodness and love to man
all things have been begun anew
in Thy Word,—
Who for us men and for our salvation,
was made flesh,
was conceived and born,
suffered and was crucified,
died and was buried,
descended and rose again,
ascended and sat down,
will return and will repay;— {23}
that by the shining-forth and working
of Thy Holy Spirit,
hath been called out of the whole world
a peculiar people into a polity,
in belief of the truth
and sanctity of living:—
that in it we are partakers
of the communion of saints
and forgiveness of sins
in this world,—
that in it we are waiting
for resurrection of the flesh
and life everlasting
in the world to come.—
This most holy faith
which was once delivered to the saints
I believe, O LORD;
help Thou mine unbelief,
and vouchsafe to me
to love the FATHER for His fatherly love,
to reverence the ALMIGHTY for His power,
as a faithful CREATOR, to commit my soul to Him
in well doing;
vouchsafe to me to partake
from JESUS of salvation,
from CHRIST of anointing,
from the ONLY-BEGOTTEN of adoption;
to worship the LORD
for His conception in faith,
for His birth in humility,
for His sufferings in patience and hatred of sin;
for His cross to crucify beginnings,
for His death to mortify the flesh,
for His burial to bury evil thoughts in good works,
for His descent to meditate upon hell,
for His resurrection upon newness of life, {24}
for His ascension, to mind things above,
for His sitting on high, to mind the good things on His right,
for His return, to fear His second appearance,
for judgment, to judge myself ere I be judged.
From the SPIRIT
vouchsafe me the breath of salutary grace.
In the Holy Catholic Church
to have my own calling, and holiness, and portion.
and a fellowship [Note 1]
of her sacred rites, and prayers,
fastings and groans,
vigils, tears, and sufferings,
for assurance of remission of sins,
for hope of resurrection and translation
to eternal life.

(4) Intercession.

O Hope of all the ends of the earth,
and of them that remain in the broad sea;
O Thou on whom our fathers hoped,
and Thou didst deliver them;
on whom they waited,
and were not confounded;
O my Hope from my youth,
from my mother's breasts;
on whom I have been cast from the womb,
be Thou my hope
now and evermore,
and my portion in the land of the living:
In Thy nature,
in Thy names, in Thy types,
in word and in deed,
My Hope,
let me not be disappointed of my hope.
O the Hope of all the ends of the earth,
remember Thy whole creation for good, {25}
visit the world in Thy compassion;
O guardian of men,
O loving LORD,
remember all our race.
Thou who hast shut up all in unbelief,
on all have pity, O LORD.
O Thou who didst die and rise again,
to be LORD both of the dead and living,
live we or die we,
Thou art our LORD;
LORD, have pity on living and dead.
O helper of the helpless,
seasonable aid in affliction,
remember all who are in necessity,
and need Thy succour.
O GOD of grace and truth,
establish all who stand in truth and grace,
restore all who are sick with heresies and sins.
O wholesome Defence of Thine anointed,
remember Thy Congregation
which Thou hast purchased and redeemed of old.
O grant to all believers
one heart and one soul.
Thou that walkest amid the golden candlesticks,
remove not our candlestick
out of its place.
Amend what are wanting,
establish what remain,
which Thou art ready to cast away,
which are ready to die.
O LORD of the harvest
send forth labourers, made sufficient by Thee,
into Thy harvest.
O portion of those
who wait in Thy temple,
grant to our clergy. {26}
rightly to divide the word of truth,
rightly to walk in it;
grant to Thy Christian people
to obey and submit to them.
O King of nations, unto the ends of the earth;
strengthen all the states
of the inhabited world,
as being Thy ordinance,
though a creation of man.
Scatter the nations that delight in war,
make wars to cease in all the earth.
O expectation of the isles and their hope,
LORD, save this island,
and all the country in which we sojourn,
from all affliction, peril, and need.
LORD of lords, Ruler of rulers,
remember all rulers
to whom Thou hast given rule in the earth,
and O remember specially
our divinely-guarded king,
and work with him more and more,
and prosper his way in all things.
Speak good things unto his heart,
for Thy Church, and all Thy people,
grant to him profound and perpetual peace,
that in his tranquility
we may lead a quiet and peaceable life
in all godliness and honesty.
O Thou by whom are ordained the powers that be,
grant to those who are chief in court,
to be chief in virtue and Thy fear;
grant to the Parliament Thy holy wisdom;
to our great men, to do nothing against
but for the truth;
to the courts of law, Thy judgments,
to judge in all things concerning all
without preference, without partiality. {27}
O GOD of armies,
give a prosperous course and strength
to all the Christian army,
against the enemies of our most holy faith.
Grant to our population
to be subject unto the higher powers,
not only for wrath, but also for conscience-sake.
Grant to farmers and graziers good seasons;
to the fleet and fishers fair weather;
to tradesmen, not to overreach one another;
to mechanics, to pursue their business lawfully,
down to the meanest workman,
down to the poor.
O GOD, not of us only but of our seed,
bless our children among us,
to advance in wisdom as in stature,
and in favour with Thee and with men.
Thou who wouldest have us provide for our own,
and hatest the unnatural,
remember, LORD, my relations according to the flesh;
grant me to speak peace concerning them,
and to seek their good.
Thou who willest us to make return
to our benefactors,
remember, LORD, for good,
all from whom I have received good;
keep them alive that they may be blessed upon earth,
and deliver them not
into the will of their enemies.
Thou who hast noted
the man who neglects his own, as worse than an infidel,
remember in Thy good pleasure
all those in my household.
Peace be to my house,
the SON of peace upon all in it.
Thou who wouldest that our righteousness exceed
the righteousness of sinners, {28}
grant me, LORD, to love those who love me,
my own friend, and my father's friend, and my friend's children,
never to forsake.
Thou who wouldest that we overcome
evil with good,
and pray for those who persecute us,
have pity on mine enemies, LORD,
as on myself;
and lead them together with me to Thy heavenly kingdom.
Thou who grantest the prayers of Thy servants
one for another,
remember, LORD, for good,
and pity all those
who remember me in their prayers,
or whom I have promised to remember in mine.
Thou who acceptest diligence in every good work,
remember, LORD, as if they prayed to Thee,
those who for any good reason
give not time to prayer.
Arise, and have mercy
on those who are in the last necessity,
for it is time that Thou hast mercy upon them,
yea the time is come.
Have mercy on them, O LORD,
as on me also, when in extremities.
Remember, LORD,
infants, children, the grown, the young, the middle aged, the old,
hungry, thirsty, naked, sick,
prisoners, foreigners, friendless, unburied,
all in extreme age and weakness,
possessed with devils, and tempted to suicide,
troubled by unclean spirits,
the hopeless, the sick in soul or body, the weak-hearted,
all in prison and chains, all under sentence of death;
orphans, widows, foreigners, travellers, voyagers,
women with child, women who give suck,
all in bitter servitude, or mines, or galleys, or in loneliness. {29}
Thou, LORD, shalt save both man and beast,
how excellent is thy mercy, O GOD!
And the children of men shall put their trust
under the shadow of Thy wings.
The LORD bless us, and keep us,
and show the light of His countenance upon us,
And be merciful unto us,
The LORD lift up His countenance upon us,
And give us peace!
I commend to Thee, O LORD,
my soul, and my body,
my mind, and my thoughts,
my prayers, and my vows,
my senses, and my limbs,
my words, and my works [Note 2],
my life, and my death;
my brothers, and my sisters,
and their children;
my friends, my benefactors, my well wishers,
those who have a claim on me;
my kindred, and my neighbours,
my country, and all Christendom.
I commend to Thee, LORD,
my impulses, and my startings,
my intentions, and my attempts,
my going out, and my coming in,
my sitting down, and my rising up.

(5) Praise.

Up with our hearts;
we lift them to the LORD.
O how very meet, and right, and fitting, and due,
in all, and for all,
at all times, places, manners,
in every season, every spot,
everywhere, always, altogether, {30}
to remember Thee, to worship Thee,
to confess to Thee, to praise Thee,
to bless Thee, to hymn Thee,
to give thanks to Thee,
Maker, nourisher, guardian, governor,
preserver, worker, perfecter of all,
LORD and Father,
King and God,
fountain of life and immortality,
treasure of everlasting goods.
Whom the heavens hymn,
and the heaven of heavens,
the Angels and all the heavenly powers,
one to other crying continually,—
and we the while, weak and unworthy,
under their feet,
LORD the GOD of Hosts;
full is the whole heaven,
and the whole earth,
of the majesty of Thy glory.
Blessed be the glory of the LORD
out of His place,
for His Godhead, His mysteriousness,
His height, His sovereignty, His almightiness,
His eternity. His providence.
The LORD is my strength, my stony rock, and my defence,
my deliverer, my succour, my buckler,
the horn also of my salvation and my refuge.

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1. This passage serves to illustrate St. Leo's language as it
occurs in Tract 75. Beatum Apostolum Petrum, cujus
suffragantibus meritis, quć noscimus, impetrare possimus
per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum.
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2. Page 172, edit. 1675.
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